Friday, April 17, 2009

Visit with the Doc

Well, it has been a hectic afternoon. Nate arrived safe and sound. What a touching reunion between Dad and son. He is here for a few days.
Dr. Ward and Judy Basye, the oncology nurse just came to Larry's room. Dad Wilde, Leslie (Larry's sister), Nate and I were there.
After talking for a few minutes, Dr. Ward talked about how with chemo, they had used their very best stuff first. There were a couple other kinds they could try, but best case would only give him a month extra or so.
Larry teared up and was trying to say something. Dr. Ward asked Larry if he was trying to tell him something and Larry said, "I just hurt so bad and want this pain to go away."
Home Health had just increased the amount of Dilaudid he was getting, and it still wasn't helping. He had been getting 6 mg per hour with the ability to bolus 3 mg every 10 minutes (or 6 times an hour)! They had increased it to 7.5 and 3 mg. bolus. So Dr. Ward turned to us and asked us what we thought and we all agreed that it was extremely (and I use that word lightly) hard watching him be in so much pain. We all know where he is going and that place is way better than here, but we just love him so much that and are missing the "real" Larry already.
It was agreed that we need to do hospice. Before we left, we talked to Dr. David Tomlinson, the pain specialist (anesthesia) and decided that Monday, we are going to insert an intrathecal catheter. It will pump the pain medicine directly back in the spine (similar to a spinal block). This will send the medicine directly to the sight, therefore, about 1/10th the amount of medicine and it will help him not be as groggy. So hopefully he will be a little more coherent and the pain less intense.
So we got Larry ready and instead of loading him in the car, it was such a nice day that Nate pushed him home in the wheelchair.
When we got to the house, Kenny Lindquist, Steve Genzer, and Nate, with Grandpa Wilde supervising and helping lifted Larry up the steps in the wheelchair. Thanks guys. Hope your backs are okay!
I think Larry was pretty excited to be home. He sat on the sofa for a while and just relaxed. Then just after we got him laying down in the bed, L.J., Jana, and Bela arrived.
Larry slept for most of the afternoon. But it has been such a great help to have L.J. and Nate helping Larry up and down.
As you can tell it's late and I seem to be rambling. I will try to add a couple pics.
Love to all!


  1. Leesa - thank you for doing this blog. We are all following close. Enjoy your WHOLE family. Much love and prayers to you all. The Ryans

  2. Wilde's, You are such a amazing family. You continue to teach through your example and faith in all you do. We love you and are praying for you.
    Love the Schreibers

  3. Dear Wilde Family, So many happy memories of you all. Thank you for being you! I love you so much Leesa and you are in my prayers. I am calling you and Larry's name into the Rexburg Temple.
    Kristen Allan

  4. Dear Wilde Family,

    We love you and are grateful for your loving example of what a loving family really is... You are in our prayers
    The Tucker Family

  5. Wilde Family-
    We just luv you all so much!!! You are in our every thought and prayers
    The Robel Family :)

  6. Wilde Family-

    We love you very much and thank you for everything you have done for us. We are keeping you in our prayers

    The Tucker Family (Derek and Nichole)

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  8. Leesa and Larry,

    Leesa, thanks so much for doing this. There are so many of us that love you both so much. Lots of heartfelt prayers. Give Larry a hug and kiss. You are both great examples.

    Susie Caresia Ashby