Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Much the same today. Pain is worse. We have gone higher on the pain medicine. Larry understands whenever he is conscious. He responds somehow most of the time. We actually got him up in the chair for a few minutes. It is so hard on him since only one position is comfortable. So the boys hoist him up and he sidles to the rocking chair beside the bed. Last night when he was having a talk with Nate, short little sentences of course. He said he wanted brownies. We got all excited. Kate brought over brownies this morning. I tried to give him a bite, all he took in his mouth was about 1/2 tsp. He still sips water, but that's all.
All those prayers have helped us so much.


  1. Hi Leesa
    Have you checked out the patient controlled pain pump PCA? It is set up so the patient can push a button and it delivers pain medicine but you program how much an hour they can have. Just a thought.
    Love ya

  2. Dear Leesa and Family,
    Gary and I are so Grateful for the time we spent with you a couple of weeks ago. It seems as we have read your blog every day that those were really the good few days that Larry had. We love you all so much and wish we were closer so that we could be there physically for you during this difficult time but, that is not the case so, just know how much we love you and keep you in our hearts and prayers.
    Love, Gary and Brenda

  3. Leesa and Family,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are grateful for the wonderful influence you have been to our family. May you be comforted at this time.
    Hal and Iola Blake

  4. Leesa, I had no idea it had progressed this far this fast!! When I talked to you you always said everything was "fine". It seems so long since we have been for our visit. We would love to come visit and help you out any way we could...maybe to even give you a little break to take care of things you need to. Please call me or email me let me know when it would be good for you for us to be there. I will pass news onto to Joe. You are all in our prayers. We love you.

  5. We love you and your family so much! DelRay and I were at the temple yesterday 4/21/09 and we put your families name in the prayer circle. It seems like the veil can be so thin there, heaven on earth. When I think of Larry and your family and think of nothing but how he is always smiling and how much love and service goes hand in hand with the name "Wilde Family" We love you DelRay and Patty

  6. Leesa and family: Our hearts are with you. It does us good to know that Larry is at home and surrounded by all who love him. As difficult and painful as this is, it is a blessing for you all to be part of what I call the Circle of Life. I believed that my father could hear every word up until his last breath. We sat around his bed and told stories and recounted special events, we talked of the influence he had on our lives and how much we loved him. We talked of the strength he instilled in us and how, because of that, we would all get through this and carry on his legacy. My father's transition was a moving, beautiful event and I tried never to lose sight of the fact that he would be free from pain and no longer broken. It's a Graduation Day for those of faith. God looks after us during our most trying times. May his love and grace surround you. You remain in our thoughts and prayers. Carla and Rob Watsabaugh

  7. Dear Leesa and family,

    I have just found the site, and I wanted you to know that you all are very much in my thoughts and prayers. I am grateful to your family, for being so supportive of my family through the years. I hope that through this time of trial, that you will feel an extra portion of our Heavenly Father's spirit to comfort you and bouy you up. How grateful we are to have the knowledge of eternal families and of the blessing of temple covenants and of the eternal plan of our Father in Heaven.


    Ronda Sundquist and family