Monday, April 27, 2009

Heaven Bound!

I had just finished typing the blog about a hard day that Larry had had. For the last 4 hours he had finally been resting peacefully. Then while everyone was busy doing something and while I was sitting there with him and L.J. had just come back into the room, he peacefully took his last breath. He had a cute little smile on his face. We are so happy or him. We are so glad he is not suffering anymore. I know the Lord helps us let go when we have such love. Thanks to Terri Miller for being here and being my personal nurse and psycholigist. Thanks to Kate (my sister) for being here and supporting and cleaning up after us all and helping L.J. with the casket. Larry was such a tough man. His heart is so great and big. I know he is excited to be back in the presence of the Savior and to throw his arms around his mother and his sisters, Sherrie and Corinne.
We are meeting with the mortuary tomorrow. I will place the date and time for the funeral services. Thanks for all your love.


  1. Aunt Leesa, L.J. and Nate,
    Larry has the biggest heart a person can have and loves you all more than anything in the world. I am glad Nate was able come home to see him. L.J. and Nate have created such a handsome mural and casket. What an honor it is to be able to do that for their father. Larry is married to one of the most amazing woman I have ever met. My mom thought the world of you and told me many times how happy she was that her brother found someone as wonderful as you. Your love for each other and your children is an inspiration. It's not easy to lose someone who touches our lives as he did. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I love you all, Misty

  2. We love all of you and are thinking of you today in thought and prayer. Thank you so much for all your family does to set an example for others to follow. Your love and friendship has always meant so much to us. Steve is going to try to fly out, but we are not sure at this point. It is nice to see how much you are loved, and without a doubt I know you will always have plenty of support around you. But if you think of anything we can do PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know. LOVE YOU!! Steve & Darla Foster

  3. Bless you Leesa, we know that Larry is having such a reunion now and we are so happy that he is not bound by his earthly body any longer and his suffering is over. We hope he gives our Ermie a hug. The Wilde Family has been such a source of inspiration for the Nethercotts for many, many years. We love you all. Neal and Sharon

  4. We are so grateful to know that he is now out of that painful and limiting body he had been tied to. We know that he is feeling great joy but, We also know he will greatly missed by all of us. Especially you and the boys. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Luv Gary and Brenda

  5. I am very honored to have known Larry. He was a very wonderful man. I hope that this can bring you all peace in knowing that he is not hurting anymore. He sure has a lot of friends to have a great reunion with now. You are all in my thoughts. Love Rikki and Braxton Blair........

  6. Leesa - Our love and sympathy are with you and the boys.
    We cared, deeply, for Larry. He was a great bishop, one of the finest men we ever met, and we appreciated him. We also appreciated our relationship with you. Thanks to you both for the people you are and always will be throughout eternity.

    To quote one of my favorite poems:

    There comes a time for all of us
    When we must say good-bye
    But faith and hope and love and trust
    Can never, never die.
    Although the curtain falls at last
    Is that a cause to grieve?
    The future's fairer than the past,
    If only we believe
    And trust in God's eternal care--
    So when the Master calls
    Let's say that life is still more fair
    Although the curtain falls.

    With all our love,
    Rick and Karen Mittan

  7. Leesa, we were so sad to hear of Larrys passing. He will be missed so much. He has touched our lives like only he could!! And we are better people for it!! I was told once when my sister passed that our world is a little messed up: we celebrate when a child is born - even though we know it will face trials, pains, and disappointment and yet we cry and are sad when someone passes - when we know there must be that same celebration on the other side when that person is greeted by the Saviour and all the loved ones and friends who have gone before to pave the way. We love your family so much and are sad because we will miss Larry however we are happy for him. Happy for his release from pain and the opportunity he has to now make things ready for his family to reunite there. We love you and are praying for all of you.