Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Any fond memories or stories

I am looking for some stories of Larry that my mind can't think of that would be fun to share. If you have some would you please email them to me at leesawilde@hotmail.com
Love to all,


  1. Leesa, One of the many stories I could relate that tells of who Larry is and who he has always been is the one about He and I when we were in the 4th grade (or close to) at Eastside elementary. I had a bully who was constantly giving me a bad time about my polio related limp. He would tell me he knew other people who had Polio and they didnt need to limp. I dont remember that it was a huge issue for me but it must have been annoying, and I must have talked to Larry about it, because I learned years later when I was an adult from my Mother that Larry had told his Mother that he would be late from School that day because he was going to have to stay after and beat up a kid that was making Vance feel bad. I know that Larry did not even have the tinnyest thought to tell me he was going take care of me, he just did it and did not stop to think about or worry about whether he would get a pat on the back or any kind of recognition or thanks. He just simply and purely wanted to help his friend who was having a hard time. He never told me about this incident, I learned about it from our Mothers years later. I dont think he and I ever even talked about it. I remember the bully and I remember that his comments to me suddenly stopped one day (imagine that). This was a 9 or 10 year old boy with a heart and a gift of charity beyond his years.

  2. I can't think of a single story, I just remember what a kind and wonderful person he was. Always there with a hug and a smile. I loved watching your boys while you went to the temple, what a great example you both are. I also remember that he was always there silently helping everyone around him. I remember how happy I was to see him and be around him each day when we worked at Bar-T-Five together. He will be missed and heaven is luckily to have him. Love you all, Jennifer Mabey Chizmadia

  3. Leesa,
    How do we find the words to express our love and admiration for Larry. He was one of the first to befriend us, and we have the most tender spot in our hearts for him and your sweet family. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then Larry knew just where to start. Tim still says he wishes he could have one of Larry's sandwiches. I think Larry made them extra big for him (wink, wink). Larry was so very kind and tender. He reminded me of a big, comforting teddy bear. He had the ability to make anyone feel like the were the most important person in the world right at that moment. We truly feel like we were better from having known him, if only for a brief moment in this life. While I am sure your pain and loss is great, I am sure you were right when you said it is the Lords will. I can't think of someone who would have overcome their trials and proved themselves more. Larry must have very important work, that only he can do. I am so grateful that we know of our Saviors plan and you have some comfort from that. Know that we love you still. Your boys are beautiful and so grown up. You are in our thoughts and certainly in our prayers.
    Love always,
    Tim and Angie Cella

  4. Dear Leesa, We love you and Larry and your boys! Thank you for being such good friends and good people. You are in our thoughts and prayers especially now, in your time of grieving. May you feel His peace and know of His abiding love for you . . .
    Kristen, Clark, Ashleigh, James, and Stuart Allan