Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday with family

Today was similar to yesterday, less responsive, with a few lucid moments. When family members came to chat and love Larry, some got no response and some got smiles and some got a sentence. He knows what's going on because as we remenissed, he would smile at the funny things. Lots of family came today. Oh, and lots of food!! Thanks to you who are making such wonderful food. It has made our burdens light and our tummies happy.

There was much to consider today. We had thought on Friday, that on Monday we would get the intrathecal catheter put in his back to help with the pain to keep him comfortable and to help his head be clearer, but after prayer and consulting with the hospice nurse, the oncology nurse, and my other great personal nurse, we knew that getting the catheter for the back would be harder on Larry, since he isn't coherent enough to walk or talk and the pain is so great when we move him. We are managing the pain with the IV and dilaudid.
We understand stake conference was great and look forward to watching it on DVD.
We just want you to know we are so grateful for each of your love and support. We feel the prayers. We are doing as good as we are because of those prayers and because of our faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement.


  1. Leesa, What a beautiful picture of you and your two handsome sons. And what a precious granddaughter Bella is!
    Love you,
    Kristen Allan

  2. Leesa, What a blessing you and your family are to so very many people.Praying for peace and understanding. Larry is a very rich man, rich in love and family. You are an amazing lady. I am so very thankful that your boys, Jana and of course little Bela, Bela Bela are here with you. Much love, Debby