Friday, April 24, 2009

Labor of Love

L.J. has been working diligently on the casket. He has had several helpers come assist in one way or another. It has helped him get it done faster. I took a few pictures today and thought I would share a couple. Nate is painting the engraved mural that will be on the inside.

Larry is getting closer. Less responsive than yesterday. I think they finally got the pain managed. He seems much more peaceful. Bela is keeping our minds on happy things, as you can tell in these cute pics. Thank you for all the comments and emails. They make our day brighter and help us reminise of happy times! Love to all!


  1. Thanks so much for allowing us to follow this most private time. Those of us that are far away feel so helpless, but read each day and send our support and love. We feel a little closer by your sharing this sacred event. Know that we pray each day for Larry and your family.

    Love, Lesumas

  2. Dear Leesa, Larry and Family,

    Hi, I am Larrys cousin from Boise Id. I talked to Uncle Boyde today and he said Larry was resting good. He said that Leesa siad that Larry was more worried about his Dad then himself, Uncle Boyed said he had a talk with him and said he would be fine, and he will. I just want you to know that our thoughs and Prays are with you all. Leesa ask Uncle Boyde to give you a big hug from all of us in Boise. And you can give him a hug back. We Love you all and will stay in touch with you. Love Lynne Wilde Seavey and Family

  3. Leesa, Thank you for sharing these pictures. Beautiful! What truly amazing sons you have! Nate looks great. Did he return to Texas this morning? Our love and prayers go with him as well as with all of you.