Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have to keep reminding myself today is Wednesday. I have a hard time remembering the days of the week. I am so out of sync. Larry has declined more today. Less responsive tonight. Earlier today, though, he responded to certain visitors. Many of us have good conversations with him, with each of us asking the questions and he nodding or saying yes or no. A few brief whispered sentences. The pain medication was taken up more today. Breathing has been more labored tonight, but he seems to be resting nicely.
Nate got his flight plans back to Houston today. He will need to leave Saturday morning early. He has been so sweet and positive. He has been a real blessing to have here as well. Just moving Larry around, all I do is call L.J. & Nate's names and they come right in. Jana got back today from Logan. She only has 3 finals next Wednesday and Thursday and then she's done, so we are really happy to have her here. She is a great help.
I can't thank all of you enough for your support and prayers. You make our burdens light. And with all these prayers, I am sure that the Lord is sending many angels to greet him!


  1. No one deserves to have their burdens lightend more than your family.
    We love you tons.

  2. No doubt there will be a multitude to greet Larry. We are praying for peace and blessings to come to your family and for the Comforter to wrap his arms around you. What a beautiful example of love and devotion to faith and family you both are. We love you. xoxo Andrea & Andy

  3. We love you guys so much!!! Know our prayers are with you all. I am so glad Nate got to be here to visit with his dad what a great blessing!! You are an example to all of us. How blessed we have been by the love you have shown to our family I'm not sure what we would have done without Larry - he got Joe through the toughest time of his life!!! We are better people for having you as our friends. We love you and pray for you daily.

  4. Leesa,
    I have just heard that Larry is slipping away from us. What a GREAT man and wonder family you all are. I pray that God will continue to provide you all the strength and comfort during this difficult time. Larry's friendship is given me many wonderful memories over the years. I think my favorite story as a kid was the green m&m's prior to you wedding. You both have always exhibited great strength and love for each other and have been am amazing example to us all. God bless you and may he bring comfort to Larry.